The Value of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Have you heard about those people who go around buying houses with cash? It may seem like a strange concept, especially given the way home prices have been rising and rising over the last couple of years, but it’s not a scam. Some buyers–whether they are investors, home buying businesses, or people who are moving to a less expensive housing market–have the means to pay with cash. As it turns out, such buyers can offer sellers some real value.


There’s no getting around the fact that selling a house takes time. The real question is how much time. Selling to a cash buyer could mean saving some time, especially when it comes to the closing process. Cash buyers don’t need a lender to finance their purchase. That means that neither of you has to waste time waiting for financing approvals or on an appraisal from the lender. A cash buyer may still want the house appraised, but the approval following that appraisal may come more quickly since it just has to go through the buyer.


Did you know that you could end up spending thousands of dollars trying to sell your home? Closing costs and commissions can add up fast. You might be able to avoid that if you sell to a cash buyer though, especially if your cash buyer is a professional home buying company. While selling to an ordinary cash buyer may require the help of a real estate agent (and, therefore, leave you responsible for paying commissions), professional home buying companies never do. They also often cover closing costs entirely, offering you further savings opportunities.


Selling a house can take a lot of work. There are all the repairs, cleaning, showings, advertising, waiting, and paperwork to deal with. If you want a practically effortless way to sell your home, sell to a professional cash home buying company. The process is simple and quick. You only need to clean and fix up your home if you want to. You only have to show your home one time to one buyer. Closing can take as little as a week instead of a month or more. It doesn’t get more effortless than selling to a professional cash home buying company.

It might seem strange to come across a buyer who is willing and able to pay for your house in cash, but you don’t need to automatically start worrying about being scammed. Sure, you should do your due diligence and make sure that you’re selling to a reputable buyer, but that’s true regardless of who you sell your home to. If you want a buyer who can potentially save you quite a bit of time, money, and effort through the selling process, a cash buyer could be the best buyer for you.

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